Payroll Giving

A simple commitment that makes a big difference

Payroll giving is one of the easiest ways to support our charity

It is a valuable, long-term source of donations, providing regular income to support future lifesaving missions.

It’s a flexible scheme which allows employees the opportunity to donate regularly and tax free from their monthly pay. Payroll Giving donations are deducted before tax, so a £1 donation will only cost an employee 80p as a standard rate taxpayer, or only 60p as a high-rate taxpayer.

As an employer, whether you’re looking to boost staff morale and motivation or build a positive reputation in the community, payroll giving is a great way to make a meaningful contribution to your local lifesaving charity.

Speak to your Payroll Department to see if your workplace is set up to support charities through Payroll Giving. If not, please get in touch to see if we can help.

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Match funding

Your company could encourage employees to join your payroll giving scheme by offering to match fund any money they raise. This is a fantastic way to highlight your philanthropic and supportive business culture to your employees, and it doubles the donations made to the charity, which doubles the work we can do.

Benefits to your business


  • It is an easy way to demonstrate your corporate social responsibility activities and help build your public image with initiatives, such as the Government’s Payroll Giving Quality Mark.

  • It highlights your commitment to our cause to your employees, which can promote a sense of teamwork and boost morale.

  • Any administrative costs are tax deductible.

Benefits to your employees


  • It is a simple and cost-effective way to donate to our charity.

  • The donation is taken straight from their salary, there is no need to set up a direct debit or standing order.

  • It promotes a sense of pride, giving back to a good cause in their local community.

  • As it is deducted before tax, HMRC will increase the size of the donation, at no additional cost to your employee.

All you need to know

Payroll Giving is a way for employees to donate to a charity or charities of their choice through their place of work. It is a simple, tax-effective way to give. Employees can give a nominated amount to any charity of their choice from their gross salary (before tax is deducted) and receive immediate tax relief. A £1 donation will only cost an employee 80p as a standard rate tax payer, or only 60p as a high rate tax payer.

It takes just five easy steps:

1. The employer signs a contract with a PGA (Payroll Giving Agency). The PGA informs HMRC of the contract.

2. The employer promotes the scheme in the workplace.

3. Employees complete their Payroll Giving donation forms and return them to the HR/Payroll department.

4. HR/Payroll sends copies of the complete forms to the PGA. Then every pay-run going forward, the deducted amounts and a statement showing the names of the people giving and the relevant charities needs to be sent to the PGA.

5. PGA check the money and information then distributes the funds by BACs. The charity will receive a report of all transactions so that we can check all the payments.

Yes. We can give you the contact details for the three main PGAs. We can also help with promoting the scheme to your employees. Finally, we can provide you with a Payroll Giving donation form.

- Low cost to set up but this can be off set as a tax-deductible expense.

- Almost no work involved after initial set up.

- Plays an integral part in Corporate Social Responsibility and can help support a chosen charity.

- Shows support for causes that matter to the employees.

- Provides eligibility for Payroll Giving Quality mark and entrance to the National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards.

- You have the ability to give to a chosen cause, in a regular, reliable, tax effective way.

- All admin is handled by the employer and PGA.

- Only one form needs to be completed to give to as many charities as you wish.

A charity like ours benefits because it will receive a regular income stream with no major cost to the charity. It is also a great opportunity to build up long standing relationships with donors and companies.


Did you know?

Wiltshire Air Ambulance is operational for up to 19 hours a day, 365 days a year, thanks to your generous donations.