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Wiltshire Air Ambulance needs £4.5 million a year to continue flying and saving lives - we are funded by you, flying for you.

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Stuart from Westbury's story

Stuart from Westbury's story

Wiltshire Air Ambulance saved my life.

But it's not just my life they saved. It meant I could get married and we have our two beautiful daughters.

After collapsing at home in Westbury, Wiltshire Air Ambulance flew me to Southmead Hospital within 11 minutes. If we’d gone by road it would have taken over an hour to get there and it’s unlikely I’d be telling you this story now.

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If you or someone you know has been airlifted by our team, it would be great to hear from you. We can arrange for a visit to the airbase for the chance to meet our pilots, paramedics and doctors.