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Whether you choose us as your Charity of the Year or Commercial Partner, join The Business Club, sponsor an event or provide a gift in kind, your support will make a huge difference to the people we airlift and their families.

With so many great causes to support, we are privileged when companies choose us. And, however you decide to fundraise, your business will have a huge impact, helping us continue to be there for the people who need us most.

Our dedicated team will help get your fundraising off to a flying start!

The Wiltshire Air Ambulance helicopter on the helipad with a yellow mini and grey BMW parked alongside
A patient being carried over a fence on a stretcher. The Bell 429 helicopter is in the background.

Julia from Marlborough's story

I was treated and flown to hospital before a land ambulance would have made it to the scene.

It's remarkable when you think about it like that. It took just under 15 minutes from the first call for the helicopter to land.

Julia's story

“Choosing Wiltshire Air Ambulance as our Charity of the Year has provided a focus for our fundraising and community work. Besides making a difference to such a vital local charity, our fundraising activities are great for fostering teamwork and having fun.”

Wendy Dorkin, Westek - HR Manager

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