Due to Government advice relating to COVID-19, our charity office is not currently manned. You can still contact our staff by email via hello@wiltshireairambulance.co.uk. Rest assured our front line crew remain operational to attend emergencies. X
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Play the WAA lottery now!
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Every Wednesday
4x Runner-up prizes
Every Wednesday
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Players must be 16 years of age or over.

Our weekly Lottery offers a top prize of £1,000 and if you play our Superdraw you could win up to £25,000! Playing our Lottery will cost you £1 a week, or for an additional £1 a week you can also join our Superdraw, the weekly draw will take place every Tuesday and our website will be updated every Wednesday.

Join our lottery and help save lives, this is the only lottery where Wiltshire wins every week!

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Each chance costs £1 a week (including an additional Superdraw chance for an extra £1). You are allocated a unique membership number for the Regular Draw, and four numbers for the Superdraw (if you have upgraded). Your unique membership number is entered in the weekly draw, which takes place every Tuesday, when our system randomly selects five Regular Draw numbers, and one Superdraw combination.
Lottery Results
Latest Superdraw Winner: £3701 - Mrs Hazel Alford (S/Draw)
July 07 2020
No Superdraw winner
£1000Mrs Gladys Webster (41209)
£25Mrs Mandy Hickton (62391)
£25Mrs Sheenagh Bruce (12486)
£25Mrs Jean Swain (15081)
£25Mr J Smith (26118)
June 30 2020
No Superdraw winner
£1000Mr Paul Cosens (44026)
£25Mr Terry Stevens (21459)
£25Mrs Maria Turnbull (16804)
£25Mrs Eunice Carr (14383)
£25Mrs Tracey Drever (27850)
June 23 2020
£3701 Mrs Hazel Alford (S/Draw)
£1000Mrs Christine Lee (53937)
£25Mrs Sarah Gingham (45789)
£25Mrs Beverley Boatman (61693)
£25Mrs Janet Mander (5124)
£25Mrs Pauline Higgins (2745)
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Lottery Canvassers

In line with the latest Government announcement and to protect the public and fundraisers from possible infection, we have suspended all face to face lottery canvassing until further notice. If you are approached by anyone claiming to be signing people up to our lottery, please do not give them any of your details and advise Wiltshire Police on the non-emergency line 101.

More than ever, we still need your support to help ensure we can be there for ill and critically injured people during the current crisis. Please consider joining our lottery online, your support will make a real difference.

Award Winning Lottery

Our Lottery first started in 2009 and has grown into one of the most successful air ambulance lotteries in the country. This success and our Lottery's popularity and robust governance was officially recognised when we won the Lotteries Council National Lottery Operators Award in 2016. Thanks to our Lottery we raised an amazing £1.05m in 2018, which represented 56% of the total proceeds, after prizes and expenses. We can't thank our Lottery members enough for their ongoing support which will ensure our service can carry on for many years to come.

The Wiltshire Air Ambulance Lottery and Superdraw is promoted and operated by Wiltshire Air Ambulance Charitable Trust (WAACT). WAACT is licensed by the Gambling Commission, www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk, operating licence number 000-041103-N-320502-007. The sole charitable beneficiary for this lottery is Wiltshire Air Ambulance (registered charity number 1144097) which will receive all of the proceeds after deduction of the expenses of running the lottery, including the cost of the prizes.

You can find a full list of the Lottery rules & policies here.

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