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Our weekly Lottery offers a top prize of £1,000 and if you play our Superdraw you could win up to £25,000!

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What you need to know

Playing our Lottery will cost you £1 a week, or for an additional £1 a week you can also join our Superdraw, the weekly draw will take place every Tuesday and our website will be updated every Wednesday.

Join our lottery and help save lives, this is the only lottery where Wiltshire & Bath wins every week!

To join, amend or cancel your subscription, please contact Tower Lotteries on 0844 567 0844 or email

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The Prizes

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£1,000 Every Wednesday
£25 4 x runner-up prizes
£25,000 Prize at only £2 per entry
Recent Winners

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You could win big like Anthony!

Supporter Anthony Toso won just over £11,000 on our Superdraw lottery and decided to generously donate back a portion of his winnings.

Mr Toso, of Highworth, near Swindon, was stunned to be told he had landed £11,321.95 from the Superdraw, but he and his wife, Linda, decided our charity should benefit and donated £500.

Following the win, the couple visited our airbase, in Semington, where they learned more about how the team works, including the specialist aviation and clinical training the paramedics undergo – funded by donations – and were shown the Bell 429 helicopter.

"It’s nice to see how, by playing the charity’s Lottery and Superdraw, we are helping to keep the air ambulance operational. We shall be encouraging people in our town to support the charity.”

Anthony Toso, Superdraw winner

A paramedic wearing an orange flight suit, coat and red flight helmet walking towards the nose of the helicopter.

One in four missions is funded by our lottery

Our lottery began in 2009 and, up to this point, has generated over £11 million for the charity

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Our canvassing team

Canvassers will not be collecting any cash or taking any donations whatsoever, the new members they sign up agree to join/play via standing order/direct debit payment or cheque.

Paul Hoskins
Paul Hoskins

EP 2462

Swindon (SN3)

Rae Clark
Rae Clark

EP 2229 - B2B




The canvassers are dressed in yellow 'Wiltshire Air Ambulance' polo shirts or grey 'Wiltshire Air Ambulance' waterproof jackets.

From time to time we have a canvasser in local stores, this will be Christopher Basterfield, Brent Basterfield, Iain Walker, Lloyd Thomas-Fernandez and Phillip Fernandez.

Further clarification if necessary can be obtained by calling the Air Ambulance Lottery Support Team on 0333 5775707 or during normal office hours.

Canvasser Operating Hours:

Mon-Fri: 10.30am-8pm
Weekends: Occasionally

Support us

Are you interested in becoming a canvasser?

It's a chance to support your local air ambulance and boost your own income. Call 0844 567 0844 to find out more, or email us.


All net proceeds from the lottery are donated to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance, who require £4.5 million a year to ensure the continuation of the service. In 2022, as a percentage of the total sales, 65% went directly to the charity, 6% was paid in prizes and 29% in expenses. Draws are held each Tuesday. 

The Regular draw prizes are one of £1000 along with 4x£25 are currently allocated to winning combinations drawn by a random number generator, as long as the player has paid to enter that particular draw. Currently players have an approximately 1:6000 chance of winning one of those prizes, depending upon the number of players in the draw. The Superdraw prize is rolled over each week, up to a maximum of £25,000. The current odds of matching this combination are approximately 1:60000.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under account number 41103. The sole charitable beneficiary for this lottery is Wiltshire Air Ambulance (registered charity number 1144097) which will receive all of the proceeds after deduction of the expenses of running the lottery, including the cost of the prizes.

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