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Players must be 18 years of age or over.

Our weekly Lottery offers a top prize of £1,000 and if you play our Superdraw you could win up to £25,000! Playing our Lottery will cost you £1 a week, or for an additional £1 a week you can also join our Superdraw, the weekly draw will take place every Tuesday and our website will be updated every Wednesday.

Join our lottery and help save lives, this is the only lottery where Wiltshire & Bath wins every week!

For amending or cancelling your subscription, please contact Tower Lotteries on 0844 567 0844 or email

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Each chance costs £1 a week (including an additional Superdraw chance for an extra £1). You are allocated a unique membership number for the Regular Draw, and four numbers for the Superdraw (if you have upgraded). Your unique membership number is entered in the weekly draw, which takes place every Tuesday, when our system randomly selects five Regular Draw numbers, and one Superdraw combination.
Lottery Results
Latest Superdraw Winner: £5,868 - Mr Brian Spiers (S/Draw)
August 16 2022
No Superdraw winner
£1,000Mr Richard Goodger (75271)
£25Miss Christine Ockwell (1831)
£25Mr Michael Fellows (8763)
£25Mr James Power (23698)
£25Mrs Caroline Jones (62957)
August 09 2022
No Superdraw winner
£1,000Miss Julie Knight (14269)
£25Mr George Lewis (23941)
£25Mr J Burrows (60460)
£25Mrs Marilyn White (7507)
£25Mrs Daphne Loffman (80738)
August 02 2022
No Superdraw winner
£1,000Mrs Mary Creffield (80670)
£25Mrs Nicola Brewer (9687)
£25Mrs T Rumming (11044)
£25Mrs Pam Locke (32012)
£25Mrs Christine Edwards (16016)
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Lottery Canvassers

Canvassers will not be collecting any cash or taking any donations whatsoever, the new members they sign up agree to join/play via standing order payment or cheque.

All of our canvassers will abide by strict measures to protect members of the public and themselves:

- Canvassers will wear large ID badges which can be seen at a distance, use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) where necessary and make use of hand sanitizers.

- They will follow social distancing rules by moving two metres away from a door once they have knocked, and will maintain a distance throughout the conversation.

- Players will be signed up using a touchscreen tablet so that no physical contact is necessary and social distancing can be maintained. Tablets will be wiped down with alcohol wipes after every use.

The canvassers are dressed in yellow 'Wiltshire Air Ambulance' polo shirts or grey 'Wiltshire Air Ambulance' waterproof jackets.

Canvasser Operating Hours:

Monday - Friday: 10.30am - 8pm

Weekends: Occasionally

From time to time we have a canvasser in local stores, this will be Christopher Basterfield, Brent Basterfield, Iain Walker, Lloyd Thomas-Fernandez and Phillip Fernandez.

Further clarification if necessary can be obtained by calling the Air Ambulance Lottery Support Team on 0333-577-5707 or during normal office hours.

Samantha O'Mara
Chippenham (SN14), Calne (SN15)
EP 807
Tracey Anscombe
Swindon (SN3, SN25)
EP 808
Lucy Wickham
Swindon (SN3, SN25)
EP 809
Jodie Russell
Visiting businesses in Purton, Swindon, Tidworth, Donhead St Mary
EP 2358
Summer Anscombe
Chippenham (SN14), Calne (SN15)
EP 2367
Matthew Pitman
Salisbury (SP1), Amesbury (SP4)
Wayne Russell
Visiting businesses in Westbury, Faringdon, Warminster, Mere
EP 2410

Would you like to become a canvasser? Call us on 0844 567 0844 or email

Award Winning Lottery

This success and our Lottery's popularity and robust governance was officially recognised when we won the Lotteries Council National Lottery Operators Award in 2016. We can't thank our Lottery members enough for their ongoing support which will ensure our service can carry on for many years to come.

All net proceeds from the lottery are donated to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance, who require £4 million a year to ensure the continuation of the service. In 2021, as a percentage of the total sales, 64% went directly to the charity, 7% was paid in prizes and 29% in expenses. Draws are held each Tuesday.

The Regular draw prizes are one of £1,000 along with 4 x £25 are currently allocated to winning combinations drawn by a random number generator, as long as the player has paid to enter that particular draw. Currently players have a 1:6000 chance of winning one of those prizes, depending upon the number of players in the draw. The Superdraw prize is rolled over each week, up to a maximum of £25,000. The current odds of matching this combination is 1:58905.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under account number 41103The sole charitable beneficiary for this lottery is Wiltshire Air Ambulance (registered charity number 1144097) which will receive all of the proceeds after deduction of the expenses of running the lottery, including the cost of the prizes.

You can find a full list of the Lottery rules & policies here. |

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