Aircrew trial MOSAIC system for RRV missions

Wiltshire Air Ambulance are excited to be working in partnership with the Airbox Systems to trial MOSAIC for the charity’s two Rapid Response Vehicles (RRVs).

Wednesday, 19 October 2022

A paramedic wearing an orange flight suit sat in the drivers seat of the critical care car. They are holding an iPad which shows an image of a map.

MOSAIC software is already used on board Wiltshire Air Ambulance’s Bell 429 helicopter, allowing the airbase and HEMS desk – which tasks the aircrew to lifesaving missions – to know where the aircraft is at all times.

Previously the crew using the RRVs would maintain communication with the helicopter and the HEMS desk via radios, but this trial until the end of 2022 allows the team to improve visibility.

Ben Abbott, Wiltshire Air Ambulance’s air operations officer and critical care paramedic, said: “We are maximising the use of the Airbox system by trialling the MOSAIC licences in our RRVs, allowing the team at base and in the helicopter to track their fellow crew and reach those in need in the fastest possible time.

“MOSAIC looks great and is so intuitive. We can use it as an improved navigation system for the RRVs, at the same time keeping in constant contact with the helicopter, the HEMS desk and other air ambulance charities across the South West Ambulance Service Trust region.”

Airbox is focused on being the best in the world at designing and delivering software which enables decision makers to understand their world.

Airbox knows that people make good decisions when they have access to the right information; those decisions lead to real benefits in terms of safety and operational effectiveness. 

Interoperability between air and ground enhances the response and allows for clear communication with the crew in the helicopter.

A spokesperson for Airbox says: “Airbox is underpinned by strong cultural values. In addition to our customer focus, we want Airbox to be the best possible place to work – a place governed by strong ethics, with a highly inclusive environment where people can do the best work of their lives in support of a deeply meaningful objective.”

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