Bath's air ambulance

Our aircrew are called to more incidents each year in Bath and surrounding areas than any other air ambulance, both in our helicopter and our two critical care cars.

Our airbase in Semington, near Trowbridge, is just four minutes’ flying time to the centre of Bath, so you will regularly see our yellow and green helicopter in the skies over the city. 

On average we are called to Bath and its surrounding areas – or fly/transfer patients to the city – at least three times a week.

Of all emergencies requiring air ambulances in Bath last year, Wiltshire Air Ambulance responded two-thirds (66.4%) of the time.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance's yellow and green helicopter landing at the Recreation Ground in Bath

Impact in your area

Wiltshire Air Ambulance's helicopter in Bath
In the first half of 2024

60 Missions in the Bath area

Wiltshire Air Ambulance's Critical care car parked outside the RUH in Bath
In the first half of 2024

52 visits to the Royal United Hospital

An aerial view of The Circle, Bath
Flying Time

Four minutes to the city centre

A Wiltshire Air Ambulance paramedic with RUH staff handing over a ventilator during the COVID-19 pandemic

Supporting your local hospital

During 2023 we transferred 85 patients to the Royal United Hospital, where two of our critical care doctors, Rosie Furse and Jono Holme, are based. 

During the Covid pandemic we supported the city's hospital by lending the emergency department two mechanical ventilators. 

Patient Martyn Dormer standing in front of the helicopter with critical care paramedics Dan and Sophie, and doctor Reuben who are wearing orange flight suits,

Martyn from Bath's story

It's been great to come and meet the Wiltshire Air Ambulance crew.

I know how lucky I’ve been. I’ve been left with reduced sight in my left eye and my left cheek remains numb to this day, but the rest of my body has fully recovered.

Martyn's story

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