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Turn your rubbish into donations!

We are proud to work with groups who not only raise vital funds for our charity, but also help the environment.


Clothing Banks

We have teamed up with Recycling Solutions to install charity clothing banks across the county. It gives the Wiltshire public the opportunity of convenient locations to recycle clothing and shoes they no longer want and at the same time support their local air ambulance.

Textile recycling helps save the environment by reducing waste at landfill sites, and provides an affordable clothing supply to communities worldwide.

Any suggestions or questions about the clothing banks can be sent by email to a dedicated team at

Click here to find your local recycling bank.


Find out all your need to know below...

  • How does Wiltshire Air Ambulance benefit?

    Once the donated items are sold, we get a guaranteed percentage of the sale value. This means we receive a sustainable monthly income, with no cost to us.

  • What can I donate?

    We accept clean clothing, paired shoes, linen, coats, towels and sheets in our recycling banks. If you have any other items you would like to donate, please visit our Charity Shop in Devizes.

  • What happens to my donations?

    Good quality items, which can be reused, are sold to second-hand clothing traders in the UK and worldwide. 'End of life' garments are recycled into industrial wipers and cloths, mattress filling, insulation and new fibres.

  • I'd like to host a clothing bank!

    We're always looking for new locations to host our clothing banks. For more information please email

  • What happens if a bank is full or overflowing?

    Our clothing banks are emptied on a regular basis, however if your local bank is full please contact Recycling Solutions on

Recycle for Wiltshire Air Ambulance

The Recycle for Wiltshire Air Ambulance scheme is run by Lesa Snook and Sam Peters, who set up the scheme in 2014. They have since raised over £41,000 for our charity - enough to keep us flying and saving lives for four days.

Sam and Lesa run the scheme, along with a group of volunteers who act as drop off points, through the ‘Recycle for Wiltshire Air Ambulance’ Facebook page, and you can contact them directly through Facebook or email with any enquiries or to find your local drop off point.

Visit their brand new website!

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