Read our latest Lift Off magazine online today

Take a look at the digital version of our latest Lift Off Magazine to find out more about Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

Thursday, 03 August 2023

A paramedic on the hangar floor with a kit bag and helicopter in the background

Take a look at the digital version of our latest Lift Off Magazine, released in July 2023.

The publication includes an update from the charity’s deputy CEO, Barbara Gray, outlining our plans for the year ahead.

There’s also a breakdown of the last six month's mission numbers, so you can find out how many times Wiltshire Air Ambulance has responded to emergencies in your area.

Find out about the working life of Reuben Cooper, who is one of the pre-hospital consultants (doctors) that operates as part of our aircrew.

Take time to read the story of paraglider Chris Williams from Fairford, who we flew to Southmead Hospital on Valentine's Day 2023 after a pocket of turbulent air sent him crashing to the ground whilst paragliding over the Alton Barnes White Horse.

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