Grief Awareness Week 2023 – 2-8 December

Wiltshire Air Ambulance will always be there to support, aid and comfort families during bereavement and grief.

Saturday, 02 December 2023

A photo of a lit candle with a small teddy bear sat next to it, wearing an orange flight suit, on a black background

Our mission is to extend support to as many families as possible; whether our aircrew assisted your loved one, or your nearest and dearest enjoyed watching our helicopter in flight, or maybe they were a long-term donor to the charity.

From 2-8 December National Grief Awareness Week provides an ideal opportunity to amplify awareness of our ongoing support.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance in memory manager Katy Burke said: “Unfortunately, everyone will be touched by grief at some point in their lives. Grief can be hard to navigate and we understand and everyone’s experience is unique.

“We see many ways of support but are always blown away by the determination of those who donate in memory of a loved one.

“From creating a funeral collection to participating in a challenge event like a marathon or a skydive, we see first-hand the love they have that pushes them and we are so honured that they choose to support us at the same time as cherishing and remembering their loved one.”

She added: “Donations made in memory of a loved one are so thoughtful and personal, we are always astounded and touched by the generosity of everyone that gives in this way.”

Business Development Manager Katy Burke

As part of the charity’s continuous efforts for in memory support, we are currently enhancing our family room to ensure a warm and welcoming space for families at our airbase.

In the interim, our website features detailed In Memory pages, which offer many beautiful ways to cherish memories and provide a platform to seek support.

You can also connect with a bereavement counsellor through the Grief Chat service, or alternatively contact Katy on 01225 300536 or by email via

Together, we aim to support you with your grief and help to keep the memory of your loved one flying.