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At Wiltshire Air Ambulance, we ask for no minimum time commitment from our GroundCrew – the collective name we give to our volunteers.

We just want you to feel passionate about the charity and to show that passion to the public when you represent us.

A supporter putting coins into a yellow collection bucket at a supermarket collection. There are three volunteers and table full of merchandise behind them.

Here are some of the benefits to volunteering for our lifesaving charity..

Volunteering for us is certainly a social activity. You will meet a lot of new people and make friends along the way. We have a really lovely team of people that you will work with if you choose to join us and they'll certainly help you learn the ropes.

The reason our volunteers are considered part of our ‘GroundCrew’ is because we think of them as a part of charity, who really do offer us vital support to keep flying. As a volunteer you will be invited to our new airbase, where you can meet our team, including our aircrew.

The feature of our charity that always resonates with donors is that you never know when you could need us. This is so true and with your help we can raise the donations we need to continue saving lives.

Travelling throughout Wiltshire and telling the public about what we do and how we do it is such a vital part of our fundraising. It costs £4million a year to keep our air ambulance operational - by supporting us as a volunteer you are helping to raise these funds.

As part of our team of volunteers, one of the things you can get involved in is events. You can attend them all across the county (and beyond!) and there certainly is a range to choose from. In the past we've attended all sorts of events from Half Marathons to Santa Runs, and Duck Races to Scarecrow Festivals.

You can also attend talks on our behalf, take on the role of our mascots or help out in our charity shops. There are a variety of things for you to get involved in; you could explore some of your skills and learn some new ones.

Volunteering is an excellent attribute to add to your CV for career development. This will stand out to employers and show you have a variety of skills including the ability to work in teams, communicate and use your initiative.

It also shows you want the experience of working with a well-known charity, which will make a difference when it comes to applying for new roles. This could really open up opportunities for you and help you make some valuable connections.

We can guarantee that you will see so many new sides to your community if you choose to volunteer for us. The variety offered in the events we attend means you will constantly be exploring new parts of Wiltshire, engaging in a variety of methods for fundraising and speaking to members of your local community.

It's very humbling to see what the people of Wiltshire and Bath do to ensure that we continue saving lives. Hearing their stories and knowing why they support us will only serve to offer even more motivation to support our charity.

Stuart from Westbury's story

Stuart from Westbury's story

Wiltshire Air Ambulance saved my life.

But it's not just my life they saved. It meant I could get married and we have our two beautiful daughters.

After collapsing at home in Westbury, Wiltshire Air Ambulance flew me to Southmead Hospital within 11 minutes. If we’d gone by road it would have taken over an hour to get there and it’s unlikely I’d be telling you this story now.

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There are many ways to volunteer your time to Wiltshire Air Ambulance, whether it's delivering talks in the local community, bringing our mascots to life or helping out at our Charity Shop, your support is essential.