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Will you help us save lives like Sue and Dave?

A couple who have been directly affected by Wiltshire Air Ambulance’s lifesaving intervention are supporting a campaign by the charity to encourage people to consider leaving a gift in their Wills.

Sue Williams, whose life was saved by Wiltshire Air Ambulance, and her partner, Dave Woodland, have both left a gift in their Wills to the charity.

In a video the couple, who live in Warminster, talk about why they have left a legacy gift and the life-threatening road traffic collision which left Sue, 50, with serious and life-changing injures. Also featured in the video is critical care paramedic Richard Miller, who was onboard Wiltshire Air Ambulance when it attended Sue in April 2012.

Sue was a passenger in a car which came off the A303 at Chicklade and rolled several times. She broke her back, neck, left arm, a rib and sustained a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury. She was airlifted by Wiltshire Air Ambulance to Frenchay Hospital, Bristol.

The couple, who have been together for 21 years, decided to leave a gift in their Wills to Wiltshire Air Ambulance following Sue’s accident.

Sue, 50, who volunteers at Warminster Community Hospital, said: “Dave and I were honoured to help Wiltshire Air Ambulance raise the profile of legacies by taking part in the video.”

Sue, who before the accident was the assistant manager in Salisbury Pet Stores, added: “Wiltshire Air Ambulance saved my life and I’ve left a gift in my Will to them as I want to ensure they are able to save lives in the future when I pass away.

“The knowledge and experience of their paramedics meant that I was taken to the most appropriate trauma centre. It is a valuable lifesaving resource available to all. I wouldn’t be here today without them.”

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Dave, 49, who is a head store person at a bakery in Warminster, said: “Without Wiltshire Air Ambulance I would have lost Sue and so having made such a difference to my life, I want to ensure they can carry on doing their wonderful work after my life ends by leaving a gift in my Will.

“Wiltshire Air Ambulance is a highly underrated service that you don’t realise how important it is until you need them and they are saving your life or a family member’s life. Only then do you realise how valuable the service is.”

Rebecca de la Bedoyere, trusts, legacies and lotteries manager at Wiltshire Air Ambulance, said: “We’re so grateful to Sue and Dave for leaving a gift in their Wills to our charity and also helping us to raise awareness about gifts in Wills.

“Legacy gifts are an important source of funds for our charity. Last year, on average, one in three missions we undertook was paid for by gifts in Wills.

“We are not funded directly by the Government and receive no National Lottery grants. We rely on donations from the community, businesses and grant-making trusts to run our vital service.

“A gift in your Will costs nothing in your lifetime and means we can continue to save lives in the future.”

To find out more information about leaving a gift in your Will and to view the video of Sue and Dave click here.

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