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Rebekah's story

On 23 April 2016, when my son Josiah was four weeks old, we went on a day out to Avebury. Little did we know that this lovely day out would turn into the most awful of occasions.

Rebekah's Story:

We arrived at Avebury and all was well. Josiah was breastfed and after the journey seemed ready for a feed. As he started to feed he started to turn blue and I remember literally seeing and feeling as though the life was leaving his tiny body. I will never forget screaming across the car park for somebody to call for an ambulance as my tiny baby was fading away in front of me. 

Someone was shouting instructions from the ambulance control centre and my husband, Ian, was following them and giving Josiah CPR. The minutes seemed like hours and I remember very vividly standing with my mum and my little girl just watching the horror scene play out. This truly was the worst moment of my life, I was powerless and my heart was breaking. 

After six minutes the land crew arrived and assisted my husband and two minutes later I remember hearing the air ambulance overhead. 

Before I knew it air ambulance paramedics Keith and Dan had raced in and helped bring my baby back. After stabilising him they made the decision that due to his tiny size it would be less distressing for him to go by land to Great Western Hospital in Swindon, but Keith and Dan stayed on board the ambulance and continued to stabilise him as the land crew calmly and skilfully got us to the hospital. I was sat in the front of the ambulance in shock and felt like I was watching a nightmare - I will never ever forget Keith’s reassuring updates coming calmly from the back letting me know that Josiah was in very safe hands and would be ok. 

We visited Wiltshire Air Ambulance a month later at their base in Devizes to say thank you. 

We will always owe both the land crew and the Wiltshire Air Ambulance team for coming to our rescue and saving our son’s life. The day we have come to recall as ‘Avebury Day’ highlights that you really don’t know what’s just around the corner. Life can literally change in an instance and it is amazing to know that this fantastic and lifesaving service can be with you in your time of need. Our son made a full recovery and is now a very healthy nearly two year old.  

For all of the reasons above we set about to fundraise for this wonderful charity. Josiah’s sister, Lizzie, raised £1,500 with various events and my husband and I ran our first ever half marathon. It was due to be the Bath Half Marathon in March 2018, but due to the snow it was cancelled. However, Ian and I were determined to run a half marathon so we did it on treadmills at our local leisure centre in Faringdon.

We were both really pleased to complete it and know that every penny we raised will help to keep the air ambulance flying so that it can assist others who find themselves in need as we did. 

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