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Keeping memories flying - A fitting tribute

Here at Wiltshire Air Ambulance, we understand fundraising in memory of a loved one can be an incredibly positive way to help keep special memories flying and to help to have something to focus on.

We wanted to find a way to help support those wishing to fundraise in memory of a loved one, particularly with all the world has been through in the past year.

We felt it was important to find a beautiful way to support our donors who are being thoughtful enough to donate to us at the same time as cherishing someone special. With this in mind, we have created dedicated pages on our website to help you honour your loved one.

You are able to create an online funeral collection where you can share details of a funeral or memorial with family and friends easily whilst also being able to collect donations in lieu of flowers.

You can create a lasting tribute fund that never has to close and can be personalised as much as you like with images, music or videos; you can share memories and light virtual candles to mark key anniversaries or to say that you are missing them.

You can even run special events: maybe your special person was a keen quiz master so you could set up a quiz night, or maybe they loved a cocktail or two so you could arrange a charity cocktail party, or if you are a bit of a dare devil take on challenge like skydiving. All of this can be set up on the lasting tribute page, making it a really personal space and somewhere you will always have access to, seeing how much money you have raised in your loved one's memory. The page can also be shared with family and friends meaning you are all able to share memories together.

We also have a dedication memory wall, a place for your loved one to be forever remembered, where you can leave an image with a special dedication and this will remain on our page for all to see, keeping those memories flying.

We want to help to support you to keep the memories of your loved one alive and are so grateful to all those who do choose to support us in this incredibly thoughtful way, we hope that by having these new options you will find a way that will suit you all at the same time as helping to keep our crew flying.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance critical care paramedic Craig Wilkins says: “We are so pleased the charity is able to provide special ways to help remember loved ones. The whole crew and charity team work towards helping our communities and this is another way in which we can provide support but also help to raise funds for our vital service.

"We are honoured whenever we receive donations gifted in memory of a loved one and we hope that the continuation of our service is a fitting tribute to all those special people being remembered.”

If you are interested in fundraising in memory of a loved one and would like further information or support please get in touch with Katy, our Legacy and In Memory Manager – Katy will be happy to help you create a special dedication to help keep the memory of your loved one flying.

Visit our dedicated In Memory section here.

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