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Help Wiltshire Air Ambulance and double your donation

Wiltshire Air Ambulance are launching a “double your donation” Big Give campaign to raise funds for new Night Vision Goggles.

The charity operates its lifesaving service up to 19 hours a day and during the winter months more than half a shift can be spent in Night Vision Goggles.

Existing sets used by the charity are old and will soon become obsolete, so it needs to raise £40,000 to purchase four newer generation Night Vision Goggles.

The Big Give campaign runs from midday on 30 November until midday on 7 December, at which point all donations received will be doubled.

Therefore, Wiltshire Air Ambulance needs to generate £20,000 in donations in the week of the Big Give campaign to have the funds doubled by a host of pledgers to £40,000 – enough to purchase the Night Vision Goggles required.

Chief pilot Matt Wilcock said: “With the winter nights upon us, we can operate using Night Vision Goggles for around 10 and a half hours of a 19-hour shift.

“If we don’t have reliable or serviceable Night Vision Goggles we could be prevented from responding in the aircraft when it is dark, which would have a significant impact on our ability to help patients.

“The four sets of goggles would be used by the three operational crew on shift, with one spare unit to cover when a set goes away for servicing.”

Critical care paramedic Sophie Holt said: “The new goggles would include image intensification, ensuring they work better on those nights when there is no moonlight or if cloud cover prevents starlight.

“It is hugely important that we are able to respond to emergencies for up to 19 hours a day. Thank you in advance to everyone who donates to the Big Give campaign.”

Wiltshire Air Ambulance would like to thank our Big Give Champion funder, the Wiltshire Match Fund, along with a host of companies and individuals for pledging to help double our donations: BT Communications, Coleview Community Centre, Eric Vines, Excalibur Communications, Kingstons Estate Agents, Lowden Garden Centre, Medical Wire, Melksham Relics, Mia Regan, Office Evolution, PA To Go and Qinetiq.

To support the Big Give campaign and help Wiltshire Air Ambulance raise the money needed for the new Night Vision Goggles, visit from midday on 30 November.

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