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Heli Mosaic

About the project

A picture says a thousand words, well we hope that your photos will help us raise 1,000’s of £’s!

We are creating a mosaic of your photographs which will be displayed outside our new home. The mosaic will have pride of place on the approach to our airbase. 

Whether it’s a selfie or a photo that holds a special memory for you, all you have to do is upload your image for a donation of £20 below.

Add to our Mosaic!
I support Wiltshire Air Ambulance as it  is such a worthy cause, it saves so many people lives, my family or I may need it one day. I wanted to be part on the new base so having my family on the heli mosaic was the best way.
In 2012, Wilts Air Ambulance helped to save Sue’s life after a serious road traffic accident. As Sue’s friend of 45 years, I’m just grateful that Wilts Air Ambulance were there to help her. You can’t put a price on someone’s life and what they mean to you, but we’ve all become life members of the charity to say ”thank you”.
I uploaded the photo of me, my husband and daughters as we want to support the work WAA do and say thank you for helping our youngest when she was involved in an RTA.
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