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Heli Mosaic takes pride of place at our airbase

Winners of our Heli Mosaic competition have been enjoying special behind-the-scenes tours of the charity’s airbase over the last few weeks.

Pippa Dawkins, Amanda Cottle and Victoria Smith have all visited Semington to see the Heli Mosaic, which sits proudly at the front of our airbase.

The trio were lucky to be selected from all the donors who paid £20 and submitted an image for use in a combined mosaic, which formed part of our Airbase Appeal.

Pippa’s photo is of her partner Matt Oakes and his friend Graham Heath by our helicopter when it landed on Salisbury Plain to treat and airlift their friend who had a cycling accident.

Both Pippa and Matt, of Edington, play our Lottery and donated to the Heli Mosaic after reading about it on Facebook.

After visiting the airbase to view the mosaic Pippa said: “It’s brilliant and what a great idea.”

Amanda purchased a picture as a birthday present and legacy for her uncle Kevin Gould, who lost his battle with lung cancer. The image is of a family visit to Longleat.

“I think it’s the only picture we’ve got of the whole family,” Amanda said. “It was a birthday present for my uncle that he sadly never got to see, but it’s also a £20 donation – imagine if everyone in Wiltshire gave £20 and the difference it could make.”

Left to right: Victoria Smith and family with crew members Craig, Rob and Louise; Pippa Dawkins and family with paramedic Fred, and Amanda Cottle.

Victoria’s photo is of members of her family at a party and she donated it to our mosaic as a Christmas present for her father, Jim Paget.

Victoria and her family are from Devizes and she said: “Our family home was in London Road, Devizes, and we were used to Wiltshire Air Ambulance flying in and out of the police headquarters when it was based there. The Heli Mosaic is lovely.”

The Heli Mosaic sits adjacent to the helicopter sculpture, named ‘flight’, which was produced by Ben Lee.

He says: "I started this project in September 2017 and it was finished little over a year later.

"It is my most ambitious piece and by far the largest at six metres long, weighing just over 250kg. The rotor blades spin in the wind and are made from aluminium sheet.

"I would like to thank Wiltshire Air Ambulance for giving me this opportunity to make this and I am very grateful for all the support."

The sculpture was kindly installed by TH White back in December 2018, days before the visit of HRH The Duchess of Cornwall for the airbase’s official opening.

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