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Pete's Story

In 2015 Pete Burch was treated and airlifted by Wiltshire Air Ambulance after suffering catastrophic, life-changing injuries in a collision with a car which threw him off his motorcycle. Six years later, Pete and his wife Erin used our Free Wills Service to create their Wills, and have also left a gift to our charity. Watch his story below.

A gift in your Will costs nothing in your lifetime and means we can continue to save lives in the future. We rely on your donations to run our vital service. Gifts in Wills help pay for the aircraft and our rapid response vehicles. They pay for the drugs administered by our highly skilled paramedics. They pay for fuel, for flight suits, for pre-hospital blood transfusions and for immersive simulation training. Gifts in Wills ensure that, when an emergency occurs, our crew is ready to get to the patient in the fastest possible time, in effect bringing A&E to the scene, and enabling us to treat and stabilise patients before transporting them to the right hospital for their needs. From cardiac arrests to road traffic collisions, incidents involving children or emergencies in the remotest parts of our county. Whenever someone is critically ill or injured, we can give them the best possible chance of survival – thanks to your support.

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Writing your Will

If you would like to remember us in your Will and you already have a solicitor, please speak to them and ask them to update your will to include a gift to Wiltshire Air Ambulance Charitable Trust, Registered Charity Number 1144097, Outmarsh, Semington, Wiltshire, BA14 6JX.

Your solicitor will take you through the necessary steps to do this. If you have a large or complicated estate, or if you have complex needs - like trust income, property overseas, or dependent relatives – you should speak to a specialist solicitor.  Likewise, if you have concerns around your mental capacity you should discuss this with a solicitor face-to-face. If your estate will be subject to inheritance tax (see here), you should also speak to a solicitor.

If you need a solicitor but don’t have one, please look at the Law Society.

Make your Will for free

With our Free Wills Service you can support us in the future without it costing you anything today.

We have teamed up with the National Free Wills Network to offer our supporters the chance to make a straightforward single or mirror Wills for free using a qualified local solicitor. You don’t have to include Wiltshire Air Ambulance in your Will (though we hope that you will consider us, once you’ve provided for your loved ones).

If your estate is more complex there may be an additional fee; however you will be advised of any costs upfront and are under no obligation to proceed.

To find out more, simply fill out the form below, tick 'I'd like to hear about your Free Wills Service', and we’ll be in touch with more details.

Too busy to get a solicitor?

We also work with Make A Will Online to offer a free online will writing service – a great way of writing a solicitor-checked Will from the comfort of your own home.

Simply go to to start.  A basic Will can be drafted in as little as 30 minutes and the step by step process makes it easy to complete. A qualified solicitor will check your Will and can talk to you on the helpline if you need them. 

When your Will is complete, we will receive (anonymous, if you prefer) information on when your will was made and details of any gift – this really helps us plan our budgets.  You don’t have to let us know who you are, but we always appreciate it when people do so we can get in touch to say “thank you” and tell you what we’re up to.

Some supporters would rather keep any gift private and we respect that. If you go to directly, no information is shared with us.

However you choose to support us, we are enormously grateful for anyone who chooses to leave us a gift.

Good to know

There are many reasons to sort out your Will. Here are just a few!

  • After you’ve taken care of your loved ones, a residuary or pecuniary gift is the best way to support your favourite charities.
  • A pecuniary gift is a fixed amount, set by you.
  • A residuary gift is a percentage of whatever is left over after all your other gifts have been distributed. You can leave 100% of the residue to a single charity, or share it between a few of your favourite causes.
  • You can also leave specific gifts – such as jewellery or paintings.
  • You don’t have to tell us if you plan on leaving us a gift, but we’d love to say thank you and show you how your gift might be used.
  • We will never put you under pressure, and we’ll answer your questions quickly and honestly.
  • If you leave us a gift in your Will, we will use it considerately and effectively.
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  • Do I need a Will?

    If you have children or own property it’s a good idea to write a Will – regardless of how much money you have! A Will lets people know your wishes, so that after you’re gone, your instructions can be carried out. This includes what happens to any property, savings and investments, but it can also cover things like what kind of funeral you’d like, who should look after any dependent children and how they should be provided for. Writing a Will means your loved ones will be reassured by knowing your last wishes are being honoured, and it can avoid future complications and disputes over the division of your assets.

  • Information for Executors

    If you are the executor of a Will that includes a gift to Wiltshire Air Ambulance, please contact us as early as possible to let us know. This way we can make sure our records are amended so that future mailings are not sent to the deceased. Being an executor can be a challenging and emotional experience. Although we are here to support you and can talk you through the steps, we cannot provide legal advice and would advise contacting a solicitor if the Will is complex. What we can offer is a warm welcome and a cup of tea, and the chance to look around our airbase so you can see first-hand what a difference the legacy gift will make.

  • Tax

    Charities are exempt from inheritance tax and capital gains tax. We can also reclaim income tax that has been deducted at source from the estate. The rules around tax can be complex so it’s a good idea to contact HMRC for advice to ensure you don’t pay more tax than you have to.

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