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Our Emergency Awareness Training (EAT) programme is an interactive training session for children at primary and secondary schools and delivers a range of lifesaving skills, from carrying out CPR, understanding how to use an AED (automatic external defibrillator), making a 999 call, putting an injured person in the recovery position, helping someone who is choking and controlling bleeding.

We are introducing a £1 per child charge, and any additional donations to our charity are appreciated.

Maintaining Stringent Social Distancing whilst teaching
  • All staff will be briefed as to the 2 metre rule and will be advised as to the safety measures the schools have in place.
  • Where face-to-face contact is essential, breaking the 2 metre distance, our trainer will wear either a face shield or face mask.
  • Staff are expected to clean all training equipment after each use.
  • An agreed timetable with the Head Teacher to allow for cleaning between bubbles.
  • At the end of the training the manikins will be cleaned, and tie wrapped, so the staff member knows the equipment has been cleaned for its next use.
Meet our training officer

Our Emergency Awareness Training programme launched in January 2019, and the programme delivers the importance of recognising a person in cardiac arrest and teaches CPR. It has since been delivered at schools and colleges across Wiltshire and Bath, teaching children and students aged from four to 18 years of age.

Paramedic Simon Stigwood is our emergency awareness training officer and has been a paramedic in Wiltshire since 2000.

"It’s rewarding engaging with young people and they have enjoyed learning new skills that are about preserving life and promoting recovery. We tailor the sessions to different age groups and needs of the schools.

Many of the schools who have taken part have gone on to fundraise for Wiltshire Air Ambulance which we are so grateful for.”

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