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Adam's record achievement at Wiltshire Air Ambulance

Wiltshire Air Ambulance’s newest Specialist Paramedic in Critical Care (SP-CC) Adam Khan has qualified in record time.

The 34-year-old, from Dorset, only joined the charity in October 2019 but has already secured his SP-CC status after 18 months of hard work and studies. 

He says: “I was fortunate to already be enrolled on the Post Graduate Certificate at Plymouth University prior to joining the charity, which streamlined the academic piece 

“It’s the most significant aspect of the SP-CC sign off process, so to get that done in the first year of being at the base helped massively.  

I had an enormous amount of support from all the operational and charity staff at the unit, who have guided me through the process wonderfully. I could not have achieved this without their help. 

The 18-month completion of his qualification is even more remarkable given most of it took place during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic.  

Adam added: “We didn’t have the opportunity of working with doctors as often as we did pre-Coronavirus, as many of the doctors work in ICU and Emergency Departments and were required there as a priority. That meant core skills training which require oversight from a doctor were unachievable for many months, including things like the delivery of pre-hospital anaesthesia - a core SP-CC skill. 

“Furthermore, our Clinical Governance meetings, which occur monthly for the clinical team to train and review cases, were cancelled and moved to remote meetings over Zoom.  

“This meant we were unable to undertake clinical simulation training with our peers each month, actually holding back the final sign off process, but I’m delighted it’s all done now.” 

Wiltshire Air Ambulance acting air operations officer Craig Wilkins said: “Adam has qualified in record time and it’s a real testament to the support of the charity and the endless work he has put in to progress his career. We’re all immensely proud of his achievement.”  

As a SP-CCAdam can autonomously perform certain skills and administer medications that previously would have only been possible alongside another qualified SP-CC. 

“I can now deliver procedural sedation with Ketamine, administer blood and blood products (with senior clinical advice). I can also perform ultrasound as and where required,” he adds. 

“It has been my dream to work as a SP-CC since I started my career 10 years ago, so every day feels a little bit like a dream come true!  

I feel incredibly privileged to be able to do the job we do. There are so many aspects of the role that I love.  

“What I enjoy most though is working with such a fantastic and supportive team. My colleagues, whether in the charity or operational team, are all passionate to their very core.  

They all work tirelessly to ensure that we can continue to deliver the highest standards of care possible to people of Wiltshire and the surrounding areas, including Bath 

I have seen first-hand the incredible work that goes into maintaining this service and the impact that has on the patients we treat. I couldn’t wish for a more inspiring job! 

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