Richard Youens - President

Richard Youens - President

How long have you been a Trustee for Wiltshire Air Ambulance?

Since its inception in 2011

What’s your background?

I was formerly a partner of Graham Miller & Co. - City loss adjusters - now retired.

What was your motivation to step forward to be a Trustee?

I was chairman of the so called ‘Shadow Board of Trustees’ a pressure group formed to encourage the NHS to make Wiltshire Air Ambulance become an independent Trust.

What skills do you bring to the role?

Public relations, diplomacy and negotiating skills, although my wife thinks my diplomatic skills are rubbish!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself:

I spent some time flying in helicopters around the Philippines on the movie ‘Apocalypse Now’ and was scared stiff so I admire very much the skills and bravery of our paramedics, police observers and pilots.