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Rebecca de la Bédoyère - Senior Fundraising Manager

Rebecca de la Bédoyère - Senior Fundraising Manager

What's your role within the charity? Senior Fundraising Manager

When did you join Wiltshire Air Ambulance? March 2014.                                                                                                                                                                          
What do you love about your job? It’s brilliant! When I moved to Wiltshire one of the first things I noticed was that everywhere I went there were people raising money in one way or another for Wiltshire Air Ambulance, and now I get to go around meeting these amazing people and supporting their fundraising efforts. The crew do a phenomenal job, it’s an incredible privilege to be involved with such vital work. The people of Wiltshire should be so proud of their world-class Air Ambulance, and the fact that they keep it flying!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself: I was once a mascot for Oxford United (sorry, Swindon fans!)

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