Matt Wilcock - Pilot

Matt Wilcock - Pilot

When did you join Wiltshire Air Ambulance? 19th January 2015

What is your background/training? Army Air Corps for 17 years.  Gazelle and Apache pilot Flying in 16 Air Assault Brigade.  Flown many different places in the world including Kenya, Cyprus, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland.  Trained as a Test pilot in 2009 and then served as a rotary test pilot for 3 years flying Lynx, Chinook, Apache, Gazelle and A109E.  The last two years before I joined the WAA I was an instructor at the Empire Test Pilots School at Boscombe Down.

What do you love most about your job? The reactive nature of the flying and working with the paramedics

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself: I have flown over 30 different types of airplanes and helicopters and have gone supersonic.