Senior Leadership Team

David Philpott - Chief Executive

David Philpott - Chief Executive

What's your role within the charity:

Chief Executive

When did you join Wiltshire Air Ambulance?

As CEO since September 2011

Tell us a little bit about your role:

My role as Chief Executive involves working with our unpaid board of trustees to set the strategy of the charity (including the annual budget) and then making sure that our Senior Management Team have all the resources and opportunities they need to deliver the objectives. I work closely with the Chairman and other board members, often being the public face of the charity as far as local media is concerned.

What’s your background?

I’ve had more than a decade of working with Air Ambulance charities.  I started out with Essex in 2001 before moving on to Kent in 2003.  Whilst there I expanded the service into neighbouring Surrey and Sussex where there was no Air Ambulance provision.  I was founding chairman of the Association of Air Ambulances from 2006 for 3 successive years and am a former member of the European HEMS and Air Ambulance Committee.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself:

Before entering the world of pre-hospital care and air ambulances I worked as a missionary in East Africa.  I still travel to Africa – mostly Uganda - at least two times a year, to visit school and water purification projects.