Craig Wilkins - Trainee Critical Care Paramedic

Craig Wilkins - Trainee Critical Care Paramedic

Role: Trainee critical care paramedic

When did you join Wiltshire Air Ambulance? July 2017

What is your background/training? I qualified from UWE in January 2011 with an FDSC in paramedic science. From there I worked in Bath as a paramedic, RRV paramedic, Mentor and finally Practice placement educator. In 2015 I took a secondment as a Learning support officer (LSO) managing the education for all ECAs in the north. However when offered the role I did not want to lose my clinical contact so also took an extra promotion to learning development officer (LDO), responsible for all staff education, annual training and assessments for half of South Wiltshire.As my LSO secondment ended I took a 75% LDO and 25% RRV paramedic role to allow nonmanagerial time. Here I taught ECA initial training courses and maintained clinical and driving training and assessment responsibility for half of south Wiltshire.

What do you love most about your job? I get to meet loads of different people, chat to them, often in their most difficult times and forge relationships that hopefully they will remember for the positive. I do get a sense of satisfaction driving around and passing places ive seen patients. With this role those locations are becoming much more disperse.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself... I have a scar on my head from falling through a glass door when I was 3.