Our Brand

With a new aircraft comes a whole new look; new colours, new logo, new brand. Our vision and values remain the same.

Our new logo explained

Our new logo contains two really strong design elements. Firstly, the four rotor blades, which represent the aircraft. Secondly, and most importantly, the people without whom we couldn't continue to fly.

This is more than just a logo to us, it's a message - Funded by you, flying for you

The community funds the charity to provide the helicopter for the crew to help our patients. It's pretty simple really.

Introducing Helimed22

The call sign for the new aircraft is Helimed 22, we will no longer carry the call sign WhiskyHotel99, AKA WH99.

So, if you follow us on Twitter and spot us in the skies of Wiltshire then tweet us your photos using #Helimed22