New Home

Our new airbase

This is a really exciting time for Wiltshire Air Ambulance as we have completed the build of our custom-built new airbase. The airbase brings together our helicopter, aircrew and charity team onto one site on land at Outmarsh Farm, Semington, near Melksham. 

This is a perfect location in the centre of Wiltshire and will allow our helicopter to reach all parts of the county within 11 minutes.

A 3D image of our new home on land at Outmarsh Farm, Semington

The benefit of owning its own land means the charity has full control of its future and not subject to the uncertainty that renting can bring.  

As Melksham does not have an ambulance station, the charity believes that WAA would provide enhanced medical cover for the area. WAA’s Critical Care Paramedics have advanced medical skills and as well as responding in the helicopter, they use a Rapid Response Vehicle (car) to attend medical emergencies including road traffic collisions, heart attacks and strokes.