We all play a part

The crew, the charity team and the Board of Trustees all play vital roles here at Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

Our crew is a team of highly skilled paramedics and pilots who deliver an essential service to the population of Wiltshire and beyond. Our paramedics have all undergone the Cambridge Critical Care course to enhance their paramedic skills.

The charity team are working hard to raise the profile of WAA and much needed funds, working closely with volunteers, supporters, donors, suppliers and those we fly to.

The Trustees of Wiltshire Air Ambulance provide strategic leadership to the charity and make sure it is doing what it sets out to. They give their time for free. Trustees make sure the charity is running well, has the money it needs and spends its money sensibly on the activities it was raised for.  They must follow the law, including preparing reports and accounts to send to the Charity Commission. Furthermore, they ensure the charity doesn’t break the rules in its governing document.

We are all here to achieve one thing – to continue to provide a service free of charge to the public that delivers the best possible medical care.

We are very proud to have the patronage of HRH The Duchess of Cornwall.