Wilthout Wiltshire Air Ambulance the outcome could have been much worse

Our Story begins on the 6th August 2013 a day our family will never forget.

Our father and my father in law suffered a suspected heart attack while up a ladder. As he fell he suffered a traumatic brain injury.

He was flown to Salisbury Hospital by the amazing Wiltshire Air Ambulance team and then transferred to Southampton Neuro Intensive Care Unit where he spent 5 days before being returned to Salisbury's fantastic ICU. He spent 16 days in a coma. We were told to expect the worse. We never gave up hope or fight and neither did John. He spent 10 weeks in hospital and is now at home recovering. He has astounded everyone even the medical staff. He is our hero.

However the real hero's of the day are; Steve, John’s son in law who gave CPR until the ground crew arrived and without doubt Wiltshire Air Ambulance whom without them the outcome could have been so very much worse.

You see it is called the golden hour where literally that hour makes a difference between life and death. And that is what Wiltshire Air Ambulance do they give you a chance of life because not only do they get you to the right hospital quickly they administer life saving medical care using their skills, knowledge and equipment on board.

To our astonishment Wiltshire Air Ambulance receive no government funding but rely wholly on the support of the public and people like us. Something we only discovered after John’s accident. We have also realised since John’s accident that many other people believe that WAA are funded in some way by the government. But sadly not... So we need to fund raise as much as we can.                               

As a Thank you to Wiltshire Air Ambulance for being there in John’s hour of need myself and my husband Clive, John’s son, are taking part in a Sky Dive for WAA.

Another thing which seems to be a common misunderstanding is that WAA only assist people in Wiltshire. This is not correct where necessary and if required they can and do cross borders i.e. Gloucestershire, Dorset etc. If needed they will be there.

Sadly in 2014 it appears that their collaboration with Wiltshire Police ends so instead of needing to raise £700,000 per year they will need to raise two and half million to keep this wonderful air ambulance flying and saving lives.

They really do make the difference between life & death... So please help us to keep them in the air saving others. And donate and take part in any fund raising event you can for Wiltshire Air Ambulance. Every penny helps to keep this amazing flying machine and its team air-borne.

It is service you never think about until you have personal experience. We hope you and your loved ones will never need to use it.

Special note of Thanks to all involved on the day of John’s accident. We will be forever grateful to you all. You are incredible human beings doing an incredible job.

Jules Edwards