Wiltshire Air Ambulance attend serious RTC in Wiltshire

Here are some of the latest incidents our crew have attended, either on board WH99 or in the RRV. Not all incidents are posted online for a variety of reasons.


  • Incident Description time & date Night Hems Where Transport Hospital Transfer Time
  • Air ambulance was part of a multi agency response to a major incident on the motorway involving a coach crash that left 53 people requiring triage, assessment and treatment. time & date: 09:44 19/08/2014 Night Hems: N Where: M5 Dursley, Glos Transport: Aircraft Hospital: Southmead MTC Transfer Time: 15 mins
  • A motorcyclist involved in a collision became trapped underneath a van sustaining serious leg injuries. The patient was given advanced analgesia and sedated at scene befroe being transferred to RUH Bath. time & date: 08:44 18/08/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Tormarton Transport: Aircraft Hospital: RUH Transfer Time: 5 mins
  • Patient suffering neurological emergency airlifted to hospital for CT scans and further care time & date: 13:08 17/08/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Market Lavington Transport: Aircraft Hospital: RUH Transfer Time: 11 mins
  • Premature baby with severe breathing difficulty stabilised on scene before being transferred by the Dr from GWAA to SDH. time & date: 09:08 17/08/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Urchfont Transport: RRV Hospital: Salisbury Transfer Time: 0 mins
  • Patient suffering extensive heart attack airlifted for life saving cardaic surgery. time & date: 11:34 16/08/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Worton Transport: Aircraft Hospital: Bristol Heart Institute Transfer Time: 11 mins
  • Patient suffered multiple serious injuries after a fall from height. Anaesthetised and airlifted to A&E. time & date: 08:08 16/08/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Luckington Transport: Aircraft Hospital: Southmead MTC Transfer Time: 10 mins
  • Tasked to attend reports of a mulitple RTC stood down overhead time & date: 01:00 15/08/2014 Night Hems: Y Where: Tetbury Transport: Aircraft Hospital: NA Transfer Time: 0 mins
  • Two car RTC, leaving one vehicle in a ditch with the driver trapped inside. Pain relief given and patient taken by land to hospital. time & date: 17:08 11/08/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Crudwell Transport: RRV Hospital: GWH Transfer Time: 20 mins
  • Assisted land crews with a 11 yr old boy injured whilst playing. pt taken to Southampton Hospital by road time & date: 18:12 09/08/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Bulford Transport: RRV Hospital: Southampton Transfer Time: 0 mins
  • Assisted land crews with a 65 yr old male who had fallen seriously ill at home. The male was brought to the aircraft by ambulance and flown to Bristol Royal infirmary for specialist treatment. time & date: 18:16 08/08/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Frome Transport: Aircraft Hospital: Bristol Royal Infirmary Transfer Time: 15 mins
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