Wiltshire Air Ambulance attend serious RTC in Wiltshire

Here are some of the latest incidents our crew have attended, either on board WH99 or in the RRV. Not all incidents are posted online for a variety of reasons.


  • Incident Description time & date Night Hems Where Transport Hospital Transfer Time
  • Attended a single vehicle RTC with a patient with a head injury and agitated, patient anaesthetised on scene and taken by road to hospital time & date: 21:00 31/10/2014 Night Hems: Y Where: Westbury Transport: RRV Hospital: RUHB Transfer Time: 30 mins
  • Child fallen whilst at home. Patient stabilsed and flown to hospital. time & date: 10:10 25/10/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Devizes Transport: Aircraft Hospital: Bristol Childrens Transfer Time: 13 mins
  • Attended serious RTC time & date: 14:59 23/10/2014 Night Hems: N Where: West of Malmesbury Transport: Aircraft Hospital: NA Transfer Time: 0 mins
  • Patient collapsed in a public place. Patient stabilised and ground crew able to deal. time & date: 11:55 16/10/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Devizes Transport: Aircraft Hospital: NR Transfer Time: 0 mins
  • Female fallen off a horse in a field. Ground crew on scene needing assistance. Patient stabilised and Aircraft not required. Ground crew conveying to hospital. time & date: 11:20 16/10/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Calne Transport: Aircraft Hospital: NR Transfer Time: 0 mins
  • Traumatic cardiac arrest victim sucessfully resuscitated and taken to A&E for emergency neurosurgery. time & date: 10:45 15/10/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Batheaston Transport: Aircraft Hospital: RUH Transfer Time: 5 mins
  • Assisted land crews with a 1 yr old who had been taken ill. The patient was flown with mother to hospital. time & date: 17:10 10/10/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Westbury Transport: Aircraft Hospital: RUH Bath Transfer Time: 6 mins
  • 3 Vehicle RTC. 3 Casualties with serious injuries. All stabilised at scene and conveyed to hospital. time & date: 07:10 06/10/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Chitterne Transport: RRV Hospital: SDH Transfer Time: 20 mins
  • Patient with head injury, stabilised and anesthetised and flown to major trauma centre. time & date: 04:10 02/10/2014 Night Hems: Y Where: Trowbridge Transport: Aircraft Hospital: Southmead Transfer Time: 15 mins
  • Patient suffering serious head injuries anaesthetised on scene and flown to major trauma centre time & date: 13:00 01/10/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Swindon Transport: Aircraft Hospital: Smead Transfer Time: 15 mins
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