Wiltshire Air Ambulance attend serious RTC in Wiltshire

Here are some of the latest incidents our crew have attended, either on board WH99 or in the RRV. Not all incidents are posted online for a variety of reasons.


  • Incident Description time & date Night Hems Where Transport Hospital Transfer Time
  • Attended a male in his seventies who had fallen ill at home. Assisted land crews at the scene and escourted the patient to Bath hospital by road. time & date: 14:54 18/09/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Melksham Transport: Aircraft Hospital: Royal United Hospital Transfer Time: 0 mins
  • Attended Calne earlier today for a child who had been taken ill. On arrival the patient was not as serious as first thought and patient taken by land ambulance to hospital time & date: 13:09 18/09/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Calne Transport: Aircraft Hospital: - Transfer Time: 0 mins
  • Called to assit with a 85yr old male fallen seriosly ill at home. The male was treated at Scnen and with assistance from the GreatWestern Air Ambulance Dr taken to Great Western Hospital. time & date: 12:35 17/09/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Marlbrough Transport: RRV Hospital: GWH Transfer Time: 0 mins
  • Assisted landcrews at a patient in cardiac arrest sadly nothing could be done. time & date: 11:09 16/09/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Pewsey Transport: Aircraft Hospital: NA Transfer Time: 0 mins
  • Asssited Gloucester with a male who had been found seriously ill. Aircraft assisted crews at scene and was transfered to BRI with colleages from the Great Western Air Ambulance time & date: 21:30 13/09/2014 Night Hems: Y Where: Wooton under Edge Transport: Aircraft Hospital: BRI Transfer Time: 0 mins
  • Attended a male in his sixties who had fallen ill at home. The male was transfered to Southampton hospital by air for specialist treatment. time & date: 19:09 12/09/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Shrewton Transport: Aircraft Hospital: Southampton Transfer Time: 16 mins
  • A critically ill young child was treated and airlifted to A&E time & date: 15:25 12/09/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Warminster Transport: Aircraft Hospital: RUH Bath Transfer Time: 4 mins
  • Patient suffering a life threatening medical complaint was airlifted to GWH. time & date: 18:09 11/09/2014 Night Hems: Y Where: Devizes Transport: Aircraft Hospital: GWH Swindon Transfer Time: 7 mins
  • A horserider with a pelvic fracture was airlifted to the major trauma centre in Bristol. time & date: 15:25 11/09/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Upavon Transport: Aircraft Hospital: Southmead Transfer Time: 15 mins
  • Attended a serious RTC between two cyclists and a van. Both with serious injuries - male flown by WAA to Southmead Hospital. time & date: 13:41 10/09/2014 Night Hems: N Where: Royal Wooton Bassett Transport: Aircraft Hospital: Southmead Hospital Transfer Time: 10 mins
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