Here are some of the latest incidents our crew have attended, either on board the aircraft or in the RRV. Not all incidents are posted online for a variety of reasons.

  • Incident Description time & date Night Hems Where Transport Hospital Transfer Time
  • Patient fallen off a roof and sustained a head injury. Patient stabilised and flown to hospital time & date: 21:41 24/06/2015 Night Hems: N Where: Somerset Transport: Aircraft Hospital: Some Transfer Time: 12 mins
  • Tasked to assist crews with a HGV Vs Cyclist critical care delivered on scene and patient flown to SGEN time & date: 16:00 24/06/2015 Night Hems: N Where: Salisbury Transport: Aircraft Hospital: SGEN Transfer Time: 11 mins
  • Attended an incident in Cricklade unable to give further information due to on-going police enquiry time & date: 20:00 23/06/2015 Night Hems: N Where: Cricklade Transport: Aircraft Hospital: GWH Transfer Time: 0 mins
  • Attended an RTC pedestrian Vs Bike, patient critically injured. Anesthetised on scene, stabilised and then flown to major trauma centre time & date: 18:00 22/06/2015 Night Hems: N Where: Gloucester Transport: Aircraft Hospital: Smead Transfer Time: 12 mins
  • Male fallen from a motorcycle. Sustained a severe fracture to his left leg. Stabilised and taken to RUH,A+E. time & date: 17:58 19/06/2015 Night Hems: N Where: Bath Transport: Aircraft Hospital: RUH Transfer Time: 5 mins
  • Tasked to reports of HGV Vs Cars on arrival not as given time & date: 13:17 19/06/2015 Night Hems: N Where: M5 Transport: Aircraft Hospital: NA Transfer Time: 0 mins
  • Assisted land crews with a female fallen from horse. The female had sustained Head injuries and was stabised at scene and ground escourted to Hospital time & date: 18:18 18/06/2015 Night Hems: N Where: Swindon Transport: Aircraft Hospital: Great Western Transfer Time: 14 mins
  • Assisted Land crews with a patient found ill at home. Patient treated at home. time & date: 17:09 18/06/2015 Night Hems: N Where: Bath Transport: Aircraft Hospital: Transfer Time: 0 mins
  • Patient fallen from a bike. Patient complaining of severe abdominal pain. Stabilised on scene and flown to hospital. time & date: 12:57 16/06/2015 Night Hems: N Where: Chippenham Transport: Aircraft Hospital: SOME Transfer Time: 12 mins
  • Assisted landcrews with a patient with serious a leg injury sedated on scene and then transfered by road to ED time & date: 16:10 14/06/2015 Night Hems: N Where: Lyneham Transport: Aircraft Hospital: GWH Transfer Time: 15 mins
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